Index of Miscellaneous Items

14th  April 2018  1332   53 items

Title Key Type
The Coulin G Air
Guitar G Tuning Chords G Chords
Centenary D March
O’Carolan’s Cap C March
Ballydesmond  C Polka
Britches full of Stiches G Polka
Christchurch Cathedral D Polka
Da Bonnie D Polka
Dennis Murphy’s D Polka
Dennis Murphy’s (Guitar) D Polka
Jenny Lind D Polka
Knockabower Polka G Polka
Liitle Diamond D Polka
Listowel Am Polka
Maggie In The Woods G Polka
Ray’s Classic G Polka
Seven Step Polka G Polka
Tralee A Polka
All Chords P Prompts
Jig Prompts P Prompts
Reel Prompts P Prompts
Reel Set Prompts Em G D Prompts
King Of The Fairies Em Set Dance
Butterfly Em Slip Jig
Kid On The Mountain Em Slip Jig
Phil McCue D Slip Jig
Rocky Road To Dublin Dm Slip Jig
Across The Universe Intro D Song
Down By The Liffey Side D Song
Girl Intro Eb Song
Irish National Anthem (Chorus) C Song
Irish National Anthem (Verse) C Song
Muirsheen Durkin C Song
My Own Dear Galway Bay C/G Song
Night Visiting Song G Song
Saint Annes  D Song
Scots Whae hae D Song
When I’m Dead And Gone D Song
Whiskey In The Jar C Song
You’ve Got A Friend Am Song
Will Ye No Come Back Again G Song
Chord Formulae T Theory
GDAE Chords 4 T Theory
GDAE Scales T Theory
Harmonic Minor scales T Theory
Notes in Chords T Theory
Notes on Fretboard T Theory
Tab Explanation T Theory
Bridget Cruise C Waltz
Marino Waltz G Waltz
O’Carolan’s Planxty Hewlett D Waltz
Si Bheag Si Mhor D Waltz