Wheels Of The World

170 Bpm 

120 bpm

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Reel Index

55 Reels   14th April 2018    13:25

Blackberry Blossom G
Blue Peter Theme G
Boil The Breakfast Early G
Captain Kelly D
Chicken Reel G
Congress Am
Copperplate G
Dawn A
Devil’s Dream A
Drowsy Maggie Em
Dubliners Reel Set Bm/A/D
Duke of Leinster G
Far From Home G
Flowers Of Limerick G
Gravel Walks D
High Reel A
Jenny’s Chickens Bm
Joe Cooley’s Em
Julie Delaney’s Am
Little Beggerman G
Longford Collector G
Maid Behind The Bar D
Marino Casino D
Mason’s Apron A
Merry Blacksmith D
Miss Forbe’s Farewell A
Miss McCloud’s  G
Miss Zanussi G
Mountain Road D
Mullingar Races D
Music for a Found Harmonium D
Music For a Found Harmonium (Guitar) D
Musical Priest Bm
New Copperplate G
O’Carolan’s Concerto D
O’Carolan’s Draught G
O’Flynn’s Fancy G
Over The Hills and Far Away D
Petronella D
Pigtown G
Raggle Taggle Gypsy Em
Red Haired Lass G
Returned Yank D
Sailor’s Bonnet D
Saint Annes D
Saint Patrick’s Cathedral G
Sally Gardens G
Silver Spear D
Sligo Maid Am
Soldiers’ Joy D
Swallow’s Tail Am
Tarboulton Em
Teetotaller G
Toss The Feathers Em
Turkey In The Straw G
Wise Maid D