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Cock O’ The North A
Happy Mistake A
Hundred Pipers A
Saint Martin’s Day A
Colraine Am
Swallow’s Nest Am
Geese In The Bog C
Rakes Of Kildare C
Behind The Haystack D
Connaught Man’s Rambles D
Cornerhouse D
Haste To The Wedding  D
Humors Of Glendart D
I Buried My Wife D
Kitties Rambles D
Lark In The Morning D
O’Carolan’s Planxty Irwin D
Paddy’s Return D
Phil McCue D
Roaring Jelly D
Smash The Windows D
Tatter Jack Walsh D
Ten Penny Bit  D
Ten Penny Bit (Guitar) D
Tripping Upstairs D
Jig Set D/G
Bill Hart’s Dm
Bill Hart’s (Guitar) Dm
Apples In Winter Em
Lannigan’s Ball Em
Morrison’s Em
Over The Hills Em
Caliope House F
A Visit To Ireland G
Blackthorn Stick G
Bridal G
Castle G
Dingle Regatta G
Gillian’s Apples G
Irish Washerwoman G
Kesh G
Larry O’Gaff G
Mac’s Fancy G
Saddle the Pony G
Ships In Full Sail G
Jig Set 1 S
Jig Set 2 S
Donnybrook Fair