Hornpipe Index


Hornpipes by Key
Title Key
Sunshine A
Washington A
Whiskey You’re The Devil A
Bee’s Wing Bb
Golden Eagle Bb
Golden Eagle ( Guitar) Bb
Golden Eagle (5s Banjo) Bb
Her Long Dark Hair C
Belfast D
Boys of the Bluehill D
Chief O’Neill’s Favourite D
Cliff D
Derry D
Echoing Strings D 28/12/2017
Fairy Queen D
Fisher’s  D
Galway D
Harvest Home  D
Home Ruler D
Kildare Fancy D
Liverpool  D
Manchester D
Rights Of man( Guitar) D
Showman’s Fancy D
Joyce Country Ceilidh  Band F#m
Bantry Bay G
Bee’s Wing G
Cuckoo G
Fairies G
Happy One-Step G
High Level Bridge G
Kingston G
Lass On The Strand G
Madam Bonaparte G
McGiveny’s  G
Murphy’s G
Off To California G
Sailors’ G
Sailors’ (Guitar) G
Silver Trumpet( Captain Pugwash) G
Stack Of Wheat G
Trade Wind G
William’s G
Wonder G
Wonder ( Guitar) G