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Started June 2012. 175 items. Last Update 12/12/17

Title Key Type
Across The Universe Intro D Song
A Visit To Ireland G Jig
All Chords P Prompts
Apples In Winter Em Jig
Ballydesmond  C Polka
Bantry Bay G Hornpipe
Bee’s Wing Bb Hornpipe
Bee’s Wing G Hornpipe
Behind The Haystack D Jig
Belfast D Hornpipe
Bill Hart’s Dm Jig
Bill Hart’s (Guitar) Dm Jig
Blackberry Blossom G Reel
Blackthorn Stick G Jig
Blue Peter Theme G Reel
Boys of the Bluehill D Hornpipe
Bridal G Jig
Bridget Cruise C Waltz
Britches full of Stiches G Polka
Butterfly D Slip Jig
Butterfly Em Slip Jig
Caliope House F Jig
Captain Kelly D Reel
Castle G Jig
Centenary D March
Chicken Reel G Reel
Chief O’Neill’s Favourite D Hornpipe
Chord Formulae T Theory
Christchurch Cathedral D Polka
Cliff D Hornpipe
Cock O’ The North A Jig
Colraine Am Jig
Congress Am Reel
Connaught Man’s Rambles D Jig
Copperplate G Reel
Cornerhouse D Jig
Cuckoo G Hornpipe
Dawn A Reel
Dennis Murphy’s D Polka
Dennis Murphy’s (Guitar) D Polka
Derry D Hornpipe
Devil’s Dream A Reel
Dingle Regatta G Jig
Donnybrook Fair Jig
Down By The Liffey Side D Song
Drowsy Maggie Em Reel
Dubliners Reel Set Bm/A/D Reel
Duke of Leinster G Reel
Fairies G Hornpipe
Fairy Queen D Hornpipe
Fisher’s  D Hornpipe
Flowers Of Limerick G Reel
Galway D Hornpipe
GDAE Chords 4 T Theory
GDAE Scales T Theory
Geese In The Bog C Jig
Gillian’s Apples G Jig
Girl Intro Eb Song
Golden Eagle Bb Hornpipe
Golden Eagle ( Guitar) Bb Hornpipe
Golden Eagle (5s Banjo) Bb Hornpipe
Happy Mistake A Jig
Happy One-Step G Hornpipe
Harvest Home  D Hornpipe
Haste To The Wedding  D Jig
Her Long Dark Hair C Hornpipe
High Level Bridge G Hornpipe
High Reel A Reel
Home Ruler D Hornpipe
Humors Of Glendart D Jig
Hundred Pipers A Jig
I Buried My Wife D Jig
Irish National Anthem (Chorus)
Irish National Anthem (Verse) C Song
Irish Washerwoman G Jig
Jenny Lind D Polka
Jig Prompts P Prompts
Jig Set D/G Jig
Jig Set 1 S Jig
Jig Set 2 S Jig
Joe Cooley’s Em Reel
Joyce Country Ceilidh  Band F#m Hornpipe
Kesh G Jig
Kid On The Mountain Em Slip Jig
Kildare Fancy D Hornpipe
King Of The Fairies Em Se Dance
Kingston G Hornpipe
Kitties Rambles D Jig
Lannigan’s Ball Em Jig
Lark In The Morning D Jig
Larry O’Gaff G Jig
Lass On The Strand G Hornpipe
Liitle Diamond D Polka
Listowel Am Polka
Little Beggerman G Reel
Liverpool  D Hornpipe
Longford Collector G Reel
Mac’s Fancy G Jig
Madam Bonaparte G Hornpipe
Maggie In The Woods G Polka
Maid Behind The Bar D Reel
Manchester D Hornpipe
Marino Casino D Reel
Marino Waltz G Waltz
Mason’s Apron A Reel
McGiveny’s  G Hornpipe
Miss Forbe’s Farewell A Reel
Miss McCloud’s  G Reel
Miss Zanussi G Reel
Morrison’s Em Jig
Muirsheen Durkin C Song
Mullingar Races D Reel
Murphy’s G Hornpipe
Music for a Found Harmonium D Reel
Music For a Found Harmonium (Guitar) D Reel
Musical Priest Bm Reel
Night Visiting Song G Song
Notes in Chords T Theory
Notes on Fretboard T Theory
O’Carolan’s Cap C March
O’Carolan’s Concerto D Reel
O’Carolan’s Draught G Reel
O’Carolan’s Planxty Hewlett D Waltz
O’Carolan’s Planxty Irwin D Jig
Off To California G Hornpipe
Over The Hills Em Jig
Paddy’s Return D Jig
Patrick O’Keefe’s Slide D Slide
Petronella D Reel
Phil McCue D Jig
Raggle Taggle Gypsy Em Reel
Rakes Of Kildare C Jig
Ray’s Classic G Polka
Red Haired Lass G Reel
Reel Prompts P Prompts
Returned Yank D Reel
Rights Of man( Guitar) D Hornpipe
Roaring Jelly D Jig
Rocky Road To Dublin Dm Slip Jig
Saddle the Pony G Jig
Sailors Hornpipe G Reel
Sailors’ (Guitar) G Hornpipe
Saint Annes D Reel
Saint Annes  D Song
Saint Martin’s Day A Jig
Saint Patrick’s Cathedral G Reel
Sally Gardens G Reel
Ships In Full Sail G Jig
Showman’s Fancy D Hornpipe
Si Bheag Si Mhor D Waltz
Silver Trumpet( Captain Pugwash) G Hornpipe
Smash The Windows D Jig
Soldiers’ Joy D Reel
Stack Of Wheat G Hornpipe
Sunshine A Hornpipe
Swallow’s Nest Am Jig
Swallow’s Tail Am Reel
Tab Explanation T Theory
Tarboulton Em Reel
Tatter Jack Walsh D Jig
Teetotaller G Reel
Ten Penny Bit  D Jig
Ten Penny Bit (Guitar) D Jig
The Coulin G Air
Trade Wind G Hornpipe
Tralee A Polka
Tripping Upstairs D Jig
Washington A Hornpipe
When I’m Dead And Gone D Song
Whiskey In The Jar C Song
Whiskey You’re The Devil A Hornpipe
William’s G Hornpipe
Wonder G Hornpipe
Wonder ( Guitar) G Hornpipe
You’ve Got A Friend Am Song