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Started June 2012. LATEST 17/09/17  :-  12 new style Tab, Full score and Score/Tune video.

INDEX CODES: T=GDAE TAB,  G=Guitar Tab, S = Score , R=Recording(WAV), B = Backing Track (WAV), C=Chords & Theory, Y=Youtube , L = Lyrics. P= Pro recording, YS = Score and example

Title Style Code
A Visit to Ireland Jig T/S/R/Y
Apples In Winter Jig T/S/R/Y
Arthur McBride Song T/S/Y
Balldesmond Polka Polka T/S/R/Y
Bantry Bay Hornpipe T/Y
Beeswing  (Parts A-D) Hornpipe T/S/Y
Behind The Haystacks Jig T/R/B/Y
Belfast Hornpipe T/Y
Bill Hart’s Jig Jig G
Bill Harts Jig Jig T/Y
Blackberry Blossom Reel Reel T
Blackthorn Stick Jig T/S/R/Y
Boys Of The Blue hill Hornpipe T/Y
Bridal Jig T/Y
Bridget Cruise Waltz/Air T/S
Britches Full O’ Stiches Polka T/S/R/Y
Butterfly Slip Jig T
Calioppe House Jig T/Y
Captain Kelly Reel Reel T/S
Centenary March  March  R/B
Chicken Reel Reel T
Chief O’Neils Hornpipe T/S/Y
Christchurch Cathedral Polka T/Y
Cliff Hornpipe T/Y
Cock O’ The North Jig T/Y
Colraine Jig T/Y
Congress Reel T/Y
Connaught Man’s Rambles Jig T/Y
Copperplate Reel T/Y
Corner House Jig T/Y
Coulin Air T/Y
Cuckoo Hornpipe T/S/Y
DADGAD tuning chords for guitar Chart  C
Notes on a GDAE instrument Chart G/C
Dawn Reel T/Y
Dennis Murphy’s Polka T/Y
Dennis Murphy’s Polka G
Derry Hornpipe T/Y
Devil’s Dream Reel T/Y
Dingle Regatta Jig T
Donegal Reel T/S/Y
Donnybrook Fair Jig T/S
Down By The Liffey Side Song T/L/Y
Drowsy Maggie Reel T/Y
Dubliners Reel Set Reels T//Y
Duke Of Leinster Reel T/Y
Explanation Of TAB Chart C
Fairies Hornpipe T/S
Fairy Queen Hornpipe T/Y
Farewell To Banff Reel T/Y
Fishers Hornpipe T/S/Y
Flowers OF Limerick Reel T/S/Y
Galway Hornpipe T/S/R/B/Y
Geese In The Bog Jig T/Y
Gillian’s Apples Jig T/Y
Golden Eagle Hornpipe G
Golden Eagle Hornpipe T/S/R/B/Y
Happy One-Step Hornpipe T/Y
Harvest Home Hornpipe T/Y
Haste To The Wedding Jig T*/Y *to update
Her Long, Dark Hair Hornpipe T/S/R
High Level Bridge Hornpipe T/Y
High  Reel Reel T/S/Y/P
Home Ruler Hornpipe Hornpipe  T/Y/C
Humors Of Glendart Jig T
Hundred Pipers Jig T/Y
I Buried My Wife And Danced On Her Grave Jig T/S/Y
Irish National Anthem (Chorus) Song T/L
Irish National Anthem (Verse) Song T/L
Irish Washerwoman Jig T/S/Y/P
Jenny Lind Polka T/Y
Jig Set 2 (Comhaltas) Jig T?Y
Jig Set (1,  Comhaltas) Jig T/Y
Joe Cooley’s Reel T/S/Y
Joyce Country Ceildh Band Hornpipe T/Y
Kesh (Castle) Jig T/S/R/Y
Kid On The Mountain Slip Jig T/S/R/Y
Kildare Fancy Hornpipe T/Y
King Of The Fairies Set Dance T/Y
Kingston  Hornpipe T/S
Kitty’s Rambles Jig T/S/Y
Lannigan’s Ball Jig TAB
Lark In The Morning Double Jig T/Y
Larry O’Gaff Jig Jig T/S
Lass On The Strand Hornpipe T/Y
Listowel Polka T
Little Beggarman Reel/Song T/Y
Little Diamond Polka T*/Y   * To Update
Liverpool Hornpipe Hornpipe T/Y
Longford Collector Reel T
Mac’s Fancy Jig T/Y
Madamme Bonaparte Hornpipe T/Y
Maggie In The Woods Polka T/Y
Maid Behind The Bar Reel T/S/Y
Manchester Hornpipe T/Y
Marino Casino Reel T/Y
Marino Waltz Waltz T
Mason’s Apron Reel T/Y
McGiveny’s Hornpipe Hornpipe R/B
Miss Mcloud Reel T/Y
Miss Zannuzi JIG T/S/Y
Modes and Scales Theory C
Morrison’s Jig T/Y
Muirsheen Durkin Song T/S/L
Mullingar Races Reel T/S/Y
Murphy’s Hornpipe T/Y
Music For A Found Harmonium Reel T/Y
Music For A Found Harmonium Reel G
Musical Priest Reel T/Y
Night Visiting song Song T/L/Y
O’Carolan’s Cap March T/S
O’Carolan’s Concerto Reel T/Y
O’Carolan’s Draught Reel T/S/Y
Off To California Hornpipe T/Y
OverThe Hills Jig  Jig T/S
Paddy’s Return Reel T
Padraigh O’keefe’s slide Slide T
Petronella Reel T/Y
Phil McCue Slip Jig T/S
Planxty Hewlett waltz T/S
Planxty Irwin Jig T/S/Y
Rakes Of Kildare Jig T/S/Y/Y
Ray’s Classic Polka T/Y
Red Haired Lass Reel T/Y
Returned Yank Jig T/R/Y
Rights Of Man Hornpipe G/Y
Roaring Jelly Jig T/Y
Rocky Road To Dublin Slip Jig T/Y
Saddle The Pony Jig T/Y
Sailor’s Hornpipe Hornpipe G
Sailors Hornpipe Hornpipe T/S/Y/P
Saint Anne’s Reel/Song T/L/Y
Saint Martin’s Day Jig T/S/Y
Saint Patrick’s Cathedral Reel T/Y
Sally Gardens Reel T/S/Y/P
Ships In Full Sail Jig T/R/Y
Showman’s Hornpipe T/Y
Si Bheag Si Mhor Waltz/Air T/Y
Silver Trumpet(Pugwash) Hornpipe T/Y
Simple Chords (Advanced) Chords C
Sligo Fancy Hornpipe T/Y
Smash The Windows Jig T/Y*
Soldiers Joy Reel T/Y
Stack Of Wheat Hornpipe T/Y
Sunshine Hornpipe T/S/Y
Swallows Nest Jig T/Y
Swallows Tail Reel T/Y
Tarboulton Reel T/Y
Tatter Jack Walsh Jig T/Y
Taylor’s Twist Hornpipe T/S/Y
Teetotaller Reel T/Y
Templehouse reel (Temperance) Reel T/Y
Ten Penny Bit Double Jig G*/Y
Trade Wind Hornpipe T/Y
Tralee Polka R
Tripping Upstairs Jig T/Y
Washington Hornpipe T
When I’m Dead & Gone ssong L
William’s Hornpipe T
Wonder Hornpipe S/R/B
Wonder Hornpipe G
You’ve Got A Friend Song L