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This archive of popular folk tunes was begun in June 2012 intended for the use of Liverpool Comhaltas and Irish Centre. So far, there are over 233 tunes plus 11 miscellaneous items

Many of the scores are 320 DPI and can be magnified:- Right click score and select “Open image  in New Tab” Look for new Tab

45 Hornpipes, 64 Jigs, 60 Reels, 14 Polkas, 50 others.


title Key Type New Update
A Visit To Ireland G Jig 20/01/2018
Across The Universe Intro D Song
All Chords P Prompts
Angry Peeler G Jig 13/03/2018
Apples In Winter Em Jig 20/01/2018
Ballydesmond  C Polka 20/01/2018
Banish Misfortune G Jig 20/01/2018
Bantry Bay G Hornpipe
Bee’s Wing Bb Hornpipe
Bee’s Wing G Hornpipe
Behind The Haystack D Jig
Belfast D Hornpipe
Bill Hart’s Dm Jig
Bill Hart’s (Guitar) Dm Jig
Blackberry Blossom G Reel 20/01/2018
Blackbird (Beatles) G Song 09/07/2018
Blackthorn Stick G Jig 20/01/2018
Blarney Pilgrim G Jig 12/03/2018
Blue Peter Theme G Reel 12/12/2017
Boil The Breakfast Early G Reel 22/12/2017
Boys of the Bluehill D Hornpipe 13/01/2017
Brian O’Lynn Am Jig 28/03/2018
Bridal G Jig
Bridget Cruise C Waltz
Britches full of Stiches G Polka
Butterfly Em Slip Jig
Caliope House F Jig 24/01/2018
Captain Kelly D Reel 24/01/2018
Castle G Jig 24/01/2018
Centenary D March 24/01/2018
Chicken Reel G Reel 24/01/2018
Chief O’Neill’s Favourite D Hornpipe 24/01/2018
Chord Formulae T Theory
Christchurch Cathedral D Polka 24/01/2018
Cliff D Hornpipe 24/01/2018
Cock Linnet Song G March 19/04/2018
Cock O’ The North A Jig
Colraine Am Jig
Congress Am Reel
Connaught Man’s Rambles D Jig
Copperplate G Reel
Cornerhouse D Jig
Cuckoo G Hornpipe
Da Bonnie D Polka 19/01/2018
Dawn A Reel
Dawn Bb Reel
Dawn  G Reel 25/05/2018
Dennis Murphy’s D Polka
Dennis Murphy’s (Guitar) D Polka
Derry D Hornpipe
Devil’s Dream A Reel
Dingle Regatta G Jig
Donnybrook Fair G Jig
Down By The Liffey Side D Song
Drowsy Maggie Em Reel
Dubliners Reel Set Bm/A/D Reel
Duke of Leinster G Reel
Echoing Strings D Hornpipe 28/12/2017
Fairies G Hornpipe
Fairy Queen D Hornpipe
Far From Home G Reel 26/12/2017
Fisher’s  D Hornpipe
Flowers Of Limerick G Reel
Galway D Hornpipe
GDAE Chords 4 T Theory
GDAE Scales T Theory
Geese In The Bog C Jig
Gillian’s Apples G Jig
Girl Intro Eb Song
Golden Eagle Bb Hornpipe
Golden Eagle ( Guitar) Bb Hornpipe
Golden Eagle (5s Banjo) Bb Hornpipe
Gravel Walks D Reel 14/01/2018
Guitar G Tuning Chords G Chords 26/12/2017
Happy Mistake A Jig
Happy One-Step G Hornpipe
Harmonic Minor scales T Theory 19/01/2018
Harvest Home  D Hornpipe
Haste To The Wedding  D Jig
Her Long Dark Hair C Hornpipe
High Level Bridge G Hornpipe 14/04/2018
High Reel A Reel
Home Ruler D Hornpipe
Humors Of Glendart D Jig
Hundred Pipers A Jig
I Buried My Wife D Jig
Irish National Anthem (Chorus) C Song
Irish National Anthem (Verse) C Song
Irish Washerwoman G Jig
Jenny Lind D Polka
Jenny’s Chickens Bm Reel 03/04/2018
Jig Prompts P Prompts
Jig Set D/G Jig
Jig Set 1 S Jig
Jig Set 2 S Jig
Joe Cooley’s Em Reel
Joyce Country Ceilidh  Band Em Reel 17/05/2018
Joyce Country Ceilidh  Band F#m Reel 17/05/2018
Julie Delaney’s Am Reel 17/01/2018
Kerry G Jig 02/04/2018
Kesh G Jig
Kid On The Mountain Em Slip Jig
Kildare Fancy D Hornpipe
Kilfenora Slide G Jig 03/04/2018
King Of The Fairies Em Set Dance
Kingston G Hornpipe
Kitties Rambles D Jig
Knockabower Polka G Polka 03/04/2018
Lannigan’s Ball Em Jig
Lark In The Morning D Jig
Larry O’Gaff G Jig
Lass On The Strand G Hornpipe
Liitle Diamond D Polka
Lilting Banshee Am Jig 18/01/2018
Listowel Am Polka
Little beggarman D Jig
Little Beggerman G Reel
Liverpool  D Hornpipe
Longford Collector G Reel 21/12/2017
Mac’s Fancy G Jig
Madam Bonaparte G Hornpipe 21/05/2018
Maggie In The Woods G Polka
Maid Behind The Bar D Reel
Manchester D Hornpipe
Marino Casino D Reel
Marino Waltz G Waltz
Mason’s Apron A Reel 21/12/2017
Mathematician A Hornpipe 18/05/2018
McGiveny’s  G Hornpipe
Merrily Kiss the Quaker G Jig 20/03/2018
Merry Blacksmith D Reel 30/03/2018
Miss Forbe’s Farewell A Reel
Miss McCleod’s  G Reel
Miss Zanussi G Reel
Monaghan Em Jig 26/12/2017
Morrison’s Em Jig
Mountain Road D Reel 07/01/2018
Muirsheen Durkin C Song
Mullingar Races D Reel
Munster Bacon D Jig 09/03/2018
Munster Buttermilk G Jig 12/03/2018
Murphy’s G Hornpipe
Music for a Found Harmonium D Reel
Music For a Found Harmonium (Guitar) D Reel
Musical Priest Bm Reel
My Own Dear Galway Bay C/G Song 24/12/2017
New Copperplate G Reel 03/04/2018
Night Visiting Song G Song
Notes in Chords T Theory
Notes on Fretboard T Theory
O’Carolan’s Cap C March
O’Carolan’s Concerto D Reel
O’Carolan’s Draught G Reel
O’Carolan’s Planxty Hewlett D Waltz
O’Carolan’s Planxty Irwin D Jig
Off To California G Hornpipe
O’Flynn’s Fancy G Reel 23/12/2017
Old Kilfenora G Jig 11/04/2018
Out On The Ocean G Jig 15/01/2018
Over The Hills Em Jig
Over The Hills and Far Away D Reel 18/01/2018
Paddy’s Return D Jig
Patrick O’Keefe’s Slide D Jig
Petronella D Reel
Phil McCue D Slip Jig
Pigtown G Reel 23/12/2017
Raggle Taggle Gypsy Em Reel
Rakes Of Kildare C Jig
Rambling Pitchfork D Jig 18/01/2018
Ray’s Classic G Polka
Red Haired Lass G Reel
Reel Prompts P Prompts 12/12/2017
Reel Set Prompts Em G D Prompts
Returned Yank D Reel
Rights Of man( Guitar) D Hornpipe
Roaring Jelly D Jig
Rocky Road To Dublin Dm Slip Jig
Saddle the Pony G Jig
Sailors’ G Hornpipe
Sailors’ (Guitar) G Hornpipe
Sailor’s Bonnet D Reel
Saint Annes D Reel
Saint Annes  D Song
Saint Martin’s Day A Jig
Saint Patrick’s Cathedral G Reel
Sally Gardens G Reel
Scots Whae hae D Song 22/12/2017
Seven Step Polka G Polka 19/01/2018
Ships In Full Sail G Jig
Showman’s Fancy D Hornpipe
Si Bheag Si Mhor D Waltz
Silver Spear D Reel 26/12/2017
Silver Trumpet( Captain Pugwash) G Hornpipe
Sligo Fancy G Hornpipe
Sligo Maid Am Reel 03/04/2018
Smash The Windows D Jig
Soldiers’ Joy D Reel
Stack Of Wheat G Hornpipe
Sunshine A Hornpipe
Swallow’s Nest Am Jig
Swallow’s Tail Am Reel 19/05/2018
Tab Explanation T Theory
Tarboulton Em Reel 12/12/2017
Tatter Jack Walsh D Jig
Teetotaller G Reel
Ten Penny Bit  D Jig
Ten Penny Bit (Guitar) D Jig
The Coulin G Air
Tobins Favourite G Jig 19/03/2018
Toss The Feathers Em Reel 26/12/2017
Trade Wind G Hornpipe
Tralee A Polka
Tripping Upstairs D Jig
Turkey In The Straw G Reel 19/01/2018
Washington A Hornpipe
Wheels Of The World D Reel 20/05/2018
When I’m Dead And Gone D Song
Whiskey In The Jar C Song
Whiskey You’re The Devil A Hornpipe
Will Ye No Come Back Again G Song 22/12/2017
William’s G Hornpipe
Wise Maid D Reel 25/12/2017
Wonder G Hornpipe
Wonder ( Guitar) G Hornpipe
You’ve Got A Friend Am Song