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Latest Tunes & Updates: 29th May 2018

Mullingar Races (Update with full score)

The Dawn (G)  Morrison’s Jig (Updates with full score)

Wheels Of The World

 Swallow’s Tail Reel

Mathematician Hornpipe

Joyce Country Ceilidh Band Reel in EM  and F#m update

Humors of Glendart  ( East Of )

 Cock Linnet March             King Of The Fairies         Drowsy maggie

Fishers Hornpipe   High Level Bridge Hornpipe

Knockabower Polka,       Kilfenora Slide          Kerry Jig

Jenny’s Chickens      New Copperplate

Sligo Fancy Hornpipe       sligo maid reel



Index of Miscellaneous Items

14th  April 2018  1332   53 items

Title Key Type
The Coulin G Air
Guitar G Tuning Chords G Chords
Centenary D March
O’Carolan’s Cap C March
Ballydesmond  C Polka
Britches full of Stiches G Polka
Christchurch Cathedral D Polka
Da Bonnie D Polka
Dennis Murphy’s D Polka
Dennis Murphy’s (Guitar) D Polka
Jenny Lind D Polka
Knockabower Polka G Polka
Liitle Diamond D Polka
Listowel Am Polka
Maggie In The Woods G Polka
Ray’s Classic G Polka
Seven Step Polka G Polka
Tralee A Polka
All Chords P Prompts
Jig Prompts P Prompts
Reel Prompts P Prompts
Reel Set Prompts Em G D Prompts
King Of The Fairies Em Set Dance
Butterfly Em Slip Jig
Kid On The Mountain Em Slip Jig
Phil McCue D Slip Jig
Rocky Road To Dublin Dm Slip Jig
Across The Universe Intro D Song
Down By The Liffey Side D Song
Girl Intro Eb Song
Irish National Anthem (Chorus) C Song
Irish National Anthem (Verse) C Song
Muirsheen Durkin C Song
My Own Dear Galway Bay C/G Song
Night Visiting Song G Song
Saint Annes  D Song
Scots Whae hae D Song
When I’m Dead And Gone D Song
Whiskey In The Jar C Song
You’ve Got A Friend Am Song
Will Ye No Come Back Again G Song
Chord Formulae T Theory
GDAE Chords 4 T Theory
GDAE Scales T Theory
Harmonic Minor scales T Theory
Notes in Chords T Theory
Notes on Fretboard T Theory
Tab Explanation T Theory
Bridget Cruise C Waltz
Marino Waltz G Waltz
O’Carolan’s Planxty Hewlett D Waltz
Si Bheag Si Mhor D Waltz